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Our team at Island Dental Laboratory prides itself on quality workmanship based on years of experience crafting products for dentists from Newfoundland Labrador and the Atlantic provinces

Island Dental Laboratory is governed by the Newfoundland Labrador Dental Association and therefore all prosthetics manufactured at our lab must be prescribed by a dental professional.

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Cast Partials

Cast Partials

Cast frameworks are the preferred method for removal partials. The Bego system has a proven track record since 1953.

Incorporating a flexible material can provide patients an esthetic clasping in the anterior and a hypoallergenic solution for sensitivities.



We use Lucitone 199 acrylic for our denture base complete and partial dentures. Any material is available at your request for your patient’s specific needs.

We commonly use teeth from Dentsply, Ivoclar and Vita with a range of qualities available to meet your patient’s price range.

Hypoallergenic Material: If your patient has allergies or sensitivities, we offer Ivocap or nylon based materials like Valplast.

Crown & Bridge / Porcelain

Crown & Bridge / Porcelain

PFM: Our standard restorations of porcelain fused to metal using Ivoclar porcelain are customized for each patient. We can also use a porcelain margin for greater aesthetics.

  • We can provide a bisque stage for esthetic and fit approval.
  • Our metals range from non-precious, semi-precious and high noble.

PFZ: We offer a number of metal free choices. Porcelain fused to Zirconia is a common choice because of its esthetics and strength in tight bite cases.

Full Contour Zirconia is used for single crowns or bridges when there are bite issues. With its strength and stainability, we can offer the patient an esthetic solution to full metal.

Impulse & E-max is the newest generation of Empress. Maintaining its high esthetic qualities it now provides higher flexural strength of 400 mpa compared to 160 mpa of previous generation.

This product can be stained or customized with porcelain layering and is indicated for anterior/posterior crowns, implant crowns and veneers.

Full Metal: We offer full cast, custom crowns, inlays and onlays. These crown restorations can include yellow high noble gold, white high noble and full cast yellow noble.



A lab’s involvement in the planning stages of an implant case can make a challenging case manageable. With an extensive background in most systems we will help to provide a superior restoration for your patient.



Ortho: We fabricate a range of ortho appliances from hawley’s, expansion and space maintainers.

Bruxism appliances are fabricated from a variety of materials like Thermoflex, hard clear, and proform soft.

Sports Guards & Bleaching/Custom Trays can be tailored to your specifications.

ServicesAdding Value for You


Shipping is included in our prices. We deliver locally and use Midland Courier, where available. Call us to arrange for waybills and boxes to be delivered to your office. Shipping time is usually 1 day within NL and 2 days within the Atlantic Provinces.


We offer the following warranties:

  • 5 year on Crown and Bridge work
  • 2 year for Removable Prosthetics
  • 1 year on Specialties

Please note warranties on immediate prosthetics are void, if not relined within 6-12 months.


We use Cerec and Nobel Biocare CAD/CAM and can access all other CAD/CAM systems.

Precision fits are now effortless and esthetic with CAD/CAM and the vast number of materials available. Lithium disilicate, zirconium oxide, titanium and acrylic (temporaries) offer endless choices for fabrication.

Account Payments

For your administrative ease, you can arrange a pre-authorised payment plan for your account at Island Dental Laboratory. We offer a 3 % discount if payment is received by the 15th of the following month.

Custom Shading

Upon the dentist’s request, your patient can visit our office so our dental technicians can evaluate and recommend the best shade.


As a full service laboratory, we can repair most products. Minor repairs can be done in 1 day. Major repairs will take 3-4 days.

Denture Cleaner

Protech Denture Cleaner is available for purchase by dental offices or your clients.

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